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           东莞市凯润电子科技有限公司      东莞市凯润电子科技有限公司

    DI JIE Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd., originated in 1995, is a household electronic enterprise integrated with R&D, manufacturing and distribution. Headquartered in Huicheng Building of Dongguan, the company has branches both at home and abroad, like Dubai of the UAE, Alma Ata of Kazakhstan, Bishkek/Osh of Kyrgyzstan, Yiwu of Zhejiang, and Urumqi of Xinjiang. In addition, it owns an independent industrial zone in Bishkek of Kyrgyzstan.

    With years of efforts and pursuit, the company has created brands like HAIRUN and ROSING with series of electronic products such as radio recorders, radios, televisions, DVDs, MP3s, and MP4s.

    As mainly exported to the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and other regions, we have established long-term stable business relationship with the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries and regions. With years of expansion in business and deepening of technological capabilities, the company is going to focus on enlarging and strengthening the industrial zone in order to better serve our customers' growing business needs. The company is now committed to developing African market at a steady pace and has consumedly progressed, while another major breakthrough is expected soon.
     With rich industrial experience, integrity, and good reputation, the company, based on the stable development in the electronic industry, is launching a collectivized strategic expansion by stepping into real estate, furniture and other industries to achieve a transformation from trade to industry.

A household electronic enterprise integrated with R&D, manufacturing and distribution
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